Custom Clear Aligner

Custom Clear Aligner

Upgrade to Smartee G Multiple Combinations

Smartee G Clear Aligner

Featuring better mechanical resilience, smooth stress release and improved teeth encasing, Smartee G adopts Smartee G FULL sheets, and better expresses the orthodontic force and clinical design concept, providing more orthodontic options. According to different clinical needs, Smartee G FULL and Smartee G PLUS sheets can be combined to develop a more personalized and effective treatment option.


Resilience Upgrade Tear and wear Resistance Resilience of Smartee G is upgraded, and tear resistance of the aligner is significantly improved, and it can be removed as your wish.


Long-lasting Stress Long-term efficacy Smoother release of stress and longer-lasting orthodontic force imposes more precise and efficient control over teeth movement.


Flexible Inner Layer Design Better Encasing Smartee G FULL sheets have innovative and flexible inner layer, and better encase dental crown.


Lined Low-light Design Invisible Upgrade Effectively reduce light transmittance and surface reflection, achieving better invisible effects and appearance.


Internal Screw Thread Combination of Force and Beauty Internal screw thread integrating biomechanics and material science improves stability of the overall force applying structure.


Soft Comfortable Soft and comfortable, new generation of material provides better experience.

Combination of Smartee G FULL & Smartee G PLUS New Option for Personalized Correction

Based on different clinical needs, Smartee G provides you with Smartee G FULL and Smartee G PLUS sheets according to the doctor's treatment plan, and has received better clinical performance in extraction and correction of molar and overbite.

Smartee G FULL

Smartee G FULL features better mechanical resilience, smooth release of stress and unique and flexible inner layer, better expressing the orthodontic force. Smartee G FULL better fixes crowded teeth and meets other clinical needs.

Smartee G PLUS

Smartee G PLUS features long-lasting and stable orthodontic force during treatment and excellent elastic resilience, making complex teeth movement easy. G PLUS receives excellent clinical performance in molar distalization.

[Product name] Custom-made invisible aligner
[Model] ZM-B
[Structural Composition] Custom-made invisible aligner is made of thermoplastic polyurethane.
[Scope of Application] It is produced as designed by clinicians, and is used for the correction of non-skeletal malocclusion.
[Production License No.] SCFDA(II)20190009
[Medical Device Registration Certificate No.] Sichuan mechanical registration permit20192170070
[Product Technical Requirement No.] Sichuan mechanical registration permit20192170070
1. Insufficient crown height and unfixable aligner.
2. Active dental caries and active periodontal disease (correction can be performed after treatment).
3. Allergy to polyethylene terephthalate-ethylene glycol copolyester.
4. Mental disease.