Grand Opening of 2019 International Orthodontic Conference Smartee Invisible Orthodontic Session and Smartee New Product Release

September 23, 2019

On September 23, 2019, 2019 International Orthodontic Conference Smartee Invisible Orthodontic Session with the theme of "Innovative and Smart Manufacturing · Explore the Future" was opened in Nanjing. At the conference, Shanghai Smartee Denti-Technology Co., Ltd. introduced new clear aligners Smartee G and Smartee α², which were amazing, and the groundbreaking S8 and S9 invisible orthodontic technique, attracting nearly 1,000 experts, scholars and orthodontists from all over the country to attend the grand meeting and experience new changes in technological development of the orthodontic industry in China.


At the press conference, Smartee G Clear Aligner was first introduced. Yao Junfeng, general manager of Smartee, introduced two major innovations of Smartee G - Combination of G FULL + G PLUS diaphragms and innovation of orthodontic treatment mode from the perspective of material science and product performance.
G FULL diaphragms feature excellent resilience and fracture resistance. Its unique internal thread greatly improves overall stability of the force-applying structure and stress decay. Lined low light makes invisible effects upgraded again. Therefore, the control over tooth movement is more accurate and effective, and it looks nicer.

G PLUS applies long-term and stable stress to teeth during the orthodontic treatment period, greatly improving the stability. Meanwhile, excellent resilience makes complex tooth movement simple, with comfort fully enhanced.


Smartee G makes personalized treatment options innovative and possible - Doctors can employ a combination of G FULL and G PLUS diaphragms to provide more personalized treatment options for different cases.

Mr. Yao Junfeng said that these innovations would bring excellent clinical performance: more effective orthodontic force and more personalized treatment options.

Led by Smartee S · Upgrading of Smartee S Technology System

Afterwards, Dr. Wu Gang, senior medical director of Smartee, introduced the upgraded Smartee S technology system, hoping to "simplifying" treatment.Each set of  aligners is supported by a set of multi-disciplinary and cross-border technology systems, and is also Smartee’s knowledge accumulation and thinking to the field of invisible orthodontics.

图片3(Dr. Wu Gang, senior medical director of Smartee, introduced the new technology - Smartee S system)

Smartee S technology system consists of Smartee Drive, the material science system, Smartee Solution, the mechanics and solution system, and Smartee Link, the digital system.

Smartee digital system covers intra-oral scanning technology, online submission system, Smarteecheck Web, CDV-Complete Dental Vision, automated production and chair-side intelligent All-in-one of invisible orthodontics, etc. From acquisition of teeth model data in the early stage to design, processing and manufacturing of aligners at the later stage , it brings new digital diagnosis and treatment experience to clinicians and patients.

Smartee S technology system is targeted R & D carried out by Smartee Biomechanics Research Center in combination with a well-known domestic orthodontic expert team. It is reported that, in order to drive innovation of invisible orthodontic technology, Smartee Biomechanics Research Center has gathered a group of experts from several different fields at home and abroad to built a smart scientific research platform, laying the foundation for Smartee's medical design theory and clinical research.

Distinctive · Release of Smartee α² Clear Aligners

Release of Smartee α² will change the public's perception of “double-diaphragm clear aligner”.



Smartee α² are a major breakthrough in the concept of invisible orthodontics, and also a world-class masterpiece of astonishing originality in the field of invisible orthodontics. Innovative technology of Smartee α² will provide greater support for orthodontists, promoting smarter development of the orthodontic industry.

Refinement Algorithm · Mathematical algorithms of Smartee orthodontic technology and a platform to compute stress on parodontium go online

Smartee, together with the research team led by Dr. Wan Jianjun from the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Zhengzhou University, has continuously explored in the field of machine learning and numerical computation of orthodontic technique since 2017, with a series of remarkable results achieved. The two have jointly developed several mathematical algorithms for orthodontic techniques, including automatic occlusion algorithm, automatic teeth classification algorithm, bracket classification and shape-assisted design algorithm. Moreover, the research team has also developed a platform to compute stress on parodontium, to quantitatively calculate stress distribution in parodontium under a specific load, providing references for doctors to determine treatment options.

图片5(Dr. Wan Jianjun of Zhengzhou University introduces mathematical algorithms for Smartee orthodontic technology and a platform to compute stress on parodontium)

Strategic Cooperation · Smartee officially becomes a strategic cooperative partner of China’s aerospace industry

Yao Junfeng, general manager of Smartee, shared big news about Shanghai Smartee Denti-Technology Co., Ltd. officially becoming a strategic cooperative partner of China’s aerospace industry at the press conference.Mr. Yao said that the two would exploit their respective technological and resource advantages to the full and launch a series of strategic cooperation, and that Smartee would advance the development of China's orthodontic industry with aerospace quality.


Subsequently, general manager Yao Junfeng launched new products of Smartee together with professor Ma Wensheng, professor Liu Yuehua, professor Shen Gang, professor Li Huang, professor Shao Jinling, professor Jin Zuolin, professor Fang Bing, professor Zhao Zhihe, professor Duan Yinzhong, professor Shi Jiejun, professor Cao Meng, professor Han Guangli and other industry experts.    

图片8(Mr. Yao Junfeng, general manager of smartee company and experts from the same industry launched the launch of smartee new products)    

Grand occasion remains the same · award ceremony of China good case appreciation competition of smarteeinvisible orthodontics in 2019 

It was time for the third China Excellent Case Competition of Smartee Invisible Orthodontics to harvest. After nearly four months of fierce competition, 10 excellent doctors stood out and were honored with "Smartee Elite" and "Smartee Master". Elites in the industry issued certificates to them on the spot.

图片9(Award Ceremony of 2019 China Excellent Case Competition of Smartee Invisible Orthodontics) 

Smartee hosting the excellent case competition aims to promote development of domestic invisible orthodontic techniques and improve clinical techniques. In the past three years, the number of orthodontists signing up for the competition has increased year by year, and invisible orthodontics have attracted much attention and have been widely used.

Release of Smartee S8 and S9 Techniques · Orthodontic Team Led by Sheng Gang of Taikang Bybo Dental Works Together with Smartee to Develop Invisible Occlusal Reconstruction Technique Solution.

Later, general manager Yao Junfeng invited professor Shen Gang of Taikang Bybo Dental to appear on the stage, releasing the new invisible orthodontic technique - Smartee S8 and S9 invisible occlusal reconstruction technique solution developed by Smartee and the orthodontic team led by Shen Gang of Taikang Bybo Dental. This was another major innovation of Smartee after S5 deep bite solution, S6 tooth extraction solution and S7 crowded teeth solution.

图片10(Orthodontic Team Led by Sheng Gang of Taikang Bybo Dental Works Together with Smartee to Develop Invisible Occlusal Reconstruction Technique Solution)

Professor Shen Gang introduced the invisible S8-lll concave jaw solution and the invisible orthodontic device which innovatively employed transparent braces in combination with anatomic jaw pillows, and explained in detail jaw bone remodeling, jaw reconstruction, fine occlusal adjustment and other key factors during two treatment phases. Professor Shen Gang said that Smartee S8 was of great significance to clinical practice and provided a new solution for jaw reconstruction.

Highlight · Keynote Speech of 2019 International Orthodontic Conference Smartee Invisible Orthodontic Session

Theme of the Session is “Innovative and Smart Manufacturing · Explore the Future”. Smartee S technology system makes the design of orthodontic treatment options and the treatment process easy and convenient.Dr. Wu Gang, senior medical director of Smartee, shared the experience of "Smart and Easy-to-use - clinical application of the smart rotation center Smartee Point".Professor Han Guangli of Hospital of Stomatology Wuhan University delivered a speech entitled "Smart and Easy-to-use - Deliberation on Final Target Position of Invisible Orthodontics".Professor Cao Meng of School of Stomatology, the Fourth Military Medical University shared "Smart and Easy-to-use - Solutions to Difficult Tooth Movement in Invisible Orthodontics".Professor Peng Wenbo of Centre of Stomatology, the First People's Hospital of Foshan gave a keynote speech on "Smart and Easy-to-use - Consideration on Jaw Width in Invisible Orthodontics".Sharing of excellent cases showcased exceptional performance of Smartee invisible orthodontic technology in different cases and multiple therapies. Exchange of brilliant ideas drew more attention of participating doctors to and gave rise to thoughts about invisible orthodontics.

The conference is a unique academic feast. New products and technologies released by Smartee make attendees feel the innovation ability of domestic orthodontic brands to grow rapidly, and perfectly suit the theme of this session - Innovative and Smart Manufacturing · Explore the Future.


Intelligence and digitization are inevitable trends for future development of the invisible orthodontic industry. Only technological innovation can lead the future of China's orthodontic industry. 

Smartee is willing to work with colleagues at home and abroad to continue exploration of frontier technologies, accelerate transformation of research results and promote wider use of invisible orthodontic technology in the field of orthodontics, endeavoring to promote rapid development of the orthodontic industry in China.