Custom Clear Aligner

Smartee GS with the application of Smartee S8S9S10 occlusal reconstruction technologies. It innovatively employs the invisible orthodontic device combining transparent aligner and anatomic jaw-pillows, to reach the objective of restoring common facial shape and aligning teeth through jaw bone remodeling, solves the concave, convex profile, mandibular deflection and other malocclusion correction, reduces or avoids tooth extraction, greatly shortens the overall treatment time and provides a fast, effective and comfortable orthodontic experience.

Concave profile, convex profile, mandibular deviation and other occlusal disorders, which lead to facial problems, have always been difficulties in orthodontic treatment,Long-termOrthodonticTreatment.

Smartee G GS apply S8S9S10 invisible occlusal reconstruction technology of Smartee to achieve occlusal reconstruction and teeth straightening, reduce or avoid teeth extraction, and refrain from long-term corrections, thus greatly shortening the overall treatment time.

Transparent Aligner
Anatomic Jaw-pillow
*Based on S8S9S10 invisible occlusal reconstruction technology, strictly control indications, reduce or avoid tooth extraction
New generation of aligner material
Align the teeth while improving multiple facial problems
Based on Smartee' s distinct invisible occlusal reconstruction technology

Smartee S8S9S10 invisible occlusal reconstruction technology is applied to achieve jaw reconstruction and occlusal reconstruction in stages. In the first stage of the treatment, Smartee G occlusal reconstruction device is employed for profile remodeling, to achieve jaw reconstruction. In the second stage of the treatment, i.e. teeth straightening, doctors can complete the treatment by adopting the invisible orthodontic technology or fixed orthodontic technology. according to their usual practice. Provide new choices for more patients to solve jaw problems.