Custom Clear Aligner

Confident Smile Starts with Teeth

Smartee® GE Classic Clear Aligner integrates clinical stomatology, biomechanics, polymer science in pharmaceutics, 3D printing, computer-aided design/manufacturing and other high technologies, and uses polymers to customize a series of invisible and removable aligners. After wearing the aligner, force generated by the aligner makes the teeth move to the expected position, achieving teeth alignment easily.

Smartee GE Classic 6 Advantages

Invisible and Beautiful Nearly Invisible, unnoticed.

Comfortable No foreign body sensation, without wearing the oral mucosa.

Removable Removable at any time, without affecting daily life.

Maintain Oral Health Remove the aligner at any time for cleaning, and brush and floss normally.

Predictable Results You can intuitively foresee the treatment process and effects through 3D animation.

Less Return Visits Shorten treatment time, and reduce return visits.