About Smartee

Founded in 2004, Smartee is a leading provider of digital invisible orthodontic solutions in China, and more than  53,000,000 Smartee® Clear aligners have successfully served orthodontic users worldwide. 


Smartee is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and overseas headquarters were established in the UK in 2021. Smartee’s production and R&D base is in Jiaxing Science and Technology City. Smartee currently has over 1,800 employees including a medical team of over 400 members led by professional PhD Orthodontists working in the Smartee Invisible Orthodontic Clinical Medical Center. Our fully automated intelligent production line is based in China's "Dental Valley" (Ziyang, Sichuan), and it efficiently serves today’s global market.

Smartee has introduced 3D printing technology into the field of stomatology instrument production and for the first time realized the large-scale production of customized clear aligners.

"Innovation" is in the DNA of Smartee. Smartee combines clinical stomatology, computer science, biomechanics, 3D printing, and polymer material science into clear aligner systems, and has achieved a total of over 765 patents since October 2023. Smartee now has a database of over 1.3 million clear aligner cases, which is growing at a rate of more than 100% per year. It is recognized as one of the most innovative and growing high-tech companies in the field of stomatology R&D and production in China.

Smartee is also a member of the 3D Printing Medical Devices Committee of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, a member of the team that jointly drafted the Chinese oral digitalization wording standard, a standing committee member of the Chinese Stomatological Association, an executive director unit of the Shanghai Medical Instrument Trade Association, and has obtained various honorary titles such as National High-tech Enterprise and Shanghai Little Giant Enterprise.

In 2015, KaVo Group, the world's leading manufacturer of dental equipment and consumables, became a shareholder of Smartee, which announced that KaVo Group had made a strategic layout for the promising field of invisible orthodontics.

In 2018, Smartee began working with the world-famous University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Dentistry to jointly research and develop orthodontic clinical medicines and clear aligners related to biomechanics and medical polymer materials.

In 2019, Smartee officially became a strategic cooperative partner of China Aerospace. The two have fully combined their respective technological and resource advantages and launched a series of strategic collaborations. Smartee joined hands with China Aerospace to advance the development of China's orthodontic industry. Meanwhile, Smartee worked together with the orthodontic team led by Professor Shen Gang to develop Smartee S8 S9 S10 mandibular repositioning invisible orthodontic solutions. Smartee also completed series C funding in the same year. Investors include well-known domestic and foreign industry funds and investment agencies in the medical field with solid financial strength.

In 2020, Smartee cooperated with the orthodontic team led by Professor Shen Gang for the second time to develop S11 alveolar orthopedic technology, and for the third time to start the research and development of S12 invisible and fixed fusion orthodontic technology, S16 Invisible forward traction technology. In the same year, Smartee launched a series of innovative products and technology such as multi-layer sheets and S15 Smartee Hook traction technology.

In 2021, Smartee continued its cooperation with Professor Shen Gang to develop S17, S18, and S19, the mandibular maintenance and perioperative orthodontic solutions.

In 2022, Smartee closed its series D funding round of US$ 80 million. This round of financing will continue to accelerate our expansion in the global orthodontic industry. Renewed efforts to develop new technologies. In July, the LW Andrews Aligner, authorized by the Andrews Foundation and based on the diagnostic logic of the "Andrews' six elements of orofacial harmony" was launched. Smartee was officially authorized to use Disney and Marvel IPs for marketing the new Smartee Teen and Smartee Kinder products for children and teenagers. With the launching of Smartee Teen, Smartee has been able to provide consumers of all ages with orthodontic correction management.


In 2023, the S20 "Early Correction of Facial Retrognathism Phased Treatment for the Whole Duration Comprehensive Treatment Plan" was introduced, providing a systematic solution for children and teenagers with facial retrognathism.


Guided by brand mission and driven by our fast-paced innovation and growing capital, Smartee adheres to the medical essence of invisible orthodontics and is devoted to helping global consumers achieve the smiles and facial profiles they dream of and empower doctors with our innovative, safe, efficient, and all-around clear aligner treatment services.

Development History


  • S10 PLUS

  • S20 Technology


  • S12-S19 Technology 

  • Multi-Layer Sheets 

  • Disney IP Authorization 

  • D Round Financing


  • C Round Financing 

  • China Space Strategic Partner 

  • Developed S8&S11 Solution With Prof. Shen Gang Team


  • 2018 S6-S7 Technology 

  • New Manufacturing Base in China Dental Valley


  • S1-S4 Technology

  • B Round Financing 

  • Semi-Automatic Production


  • A Round Financing  

  • KaVo Group Strategic Shareholder 


  • Shanghai Plant 

  • Jiaxing Plant

  • Founded 

Enterprise Honor