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List of problems

• Crowding of maxillary and mandibular teeth, malalignment.
• Introverted deep bite, Class III deep bite.
• Labial inclination of upper anterior teeth.
• Misalignment of upper and lower midline.

Treatment Objective

•Align upper and lower teeth, maintain molar relationship, improve overjet and midline of anterior teeth.

Orthodontic treatment plan

•Wear clear aligner without brackets, perform IPR on both maxilla and mandible, moderately expand anterior teeth to create space, fix crowded teeth, disrotate some teeth, shift midline to the right side, align upper and lower anterior teeth.

Comparison before and after correction

Before correction

After correction

Before correction

After correction

Closed deep bite

Basic situation

Product:Smartee Clear Aligner

Diagnosis:Angle Class I

Doctor:Wang Xingxing

Doctor's summary
1.Invisible orthodontic treatment can effectively intrude anterior teeth while controlling root movement.
2.Invisible orthodontic treatment can effectively correct introverted deep bite of anterior teeth of adults.
Orthodontic treatment steps and cycle

Maxilla:28 sets

Mandible:28 sets

Cycle:14 months