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List of problems

• The lower 1/3 of the face was high.
•  Space between upper and lower teeth.
•  Open bite of anterior teeth.
•  Convex profile.
•  Antracele.
•  Impaction of 38 and 48.

Treatment Objective

•  Close the space, adjust overbite of anterior teeth to normal, and improve the convex profile (the patient disapproved of tooth extraction).

Orthodontic treatment plan

• Break bad habits.
• Close the space, retract anterior teeth, and reduce protrusion. 
• Intrude posterior teeth, extend anterior teeth, adjust overbite and overjet of anterior teeth to normal.

Comparison before and after correction

Before correction

After correction

Before correction

After correction

Open bite

Basic situation

Product:Smartee Clear Aligner

Diagnosis:Angle Class I

Doctor:Ma Yuxia

Doctor's summary
1. Generally, good invisible orthodontic treatment results are obtained for most cases of spaced teeth without deep bite.
2. As patients have bad habits of swallowing and tongue thrust, it is especially important to help patients break bad habits. Only by breaking bad habits can the recurrence risk of open bite and spaced teeth be reduced.
3.As the patient disapproved of tooth extraction, the convex profile was not corrected obviously.
4. At the end of treatment, posterior occlusion of the patient was not tight. Triangular traction was recommended. The patient felt that eating did not affect refusal of traction. After wearing the retainer from day to night for half a year, the patient only wore the retainer at night, which had been retained for 1 year, afterwards, examination showed improved occlusion.
Orthodontic treatment steps and cycle

Maxilla:26+4 sets

Mandible:12+4 sets

Cycle:19 months