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List of problems

•Crowding of upper and lower anterior teeth. 
•Angle Class I.
•Crowding of maxillary and mandibular teeth.

Treatment Objective

• Align upper and lower teeth and maintain Class I molar relationship.

Orthodontic treatment plan

Use clear aligners without brackets to create space via maxillary and mandibular IPR, achieving the treatment objective.

Comparison before and after correction

Before correction

After correction

Before correction

After correction

Moderate crowding

Basic situation

Product:Smartee Clear Aligner

Diagnosis:Angle Class I

Doctor:Wei Xiaoqing

Doctor's summary
Patients with moderate maxillary and mandibular teeth crowding were corrected with the clear aligner without brackets via IPR.The teeth were aligned with proper occlusion, and the facial shape was well maintained after orthodontic treatment.
Orthodontic treatment steps and cycle

Maxilla:30+10+8 sets

Mandible:29+10+8 sets

Cycle:24 months