List of problems

• Misalignment of upper and lower teeth.
• Horizontal open bite of anterior teeth.
• Labial inclination of upper and lower anterior teeth.
• Convex profile.

Treatment Objective

• Align upper and lower teeth.
• Improve overbite and overjet and the midline of anterior teeth.
• Improve facial convexity.
• Maintain molar relationship.

Orthodontic treatment plan

•Extract 14, 24, 34 and 44.
• Align upper and lower teeth, shift lower midline to the right side, coordinate lower midline with upper.
• Retract upper and lower anterior teeth, improve facial convexity.
• Achieve 1° overbite and overjet after treatment.

Comparison before and after correction

Before correction

After correction

Before correction

After correction

Deviation of midline

Basic situation

Product:Smartee Clear Aligner

Diagnosis:Angle Class I

Doctor:Liu Aiju

Doctor's summary
1.The patient experienced off-tracking because of rotation of 35 during treatment. Restart the treatment.
2.Space between anterior teeth was too large during treatment, which might affect the appearance.
Orthodontic treatment steps and cycle

Maxilla:32+33 sets

Mandible:32+33 sets

Cycle:39 months