List of problems

•  Crowding of teeth, misalignment.
•  Crowding of teeth, misalignment.
•  1° deep bite of anterior teeth.
•  Average angle, straight face.
•  Angle Class II.
•  Vertical impaction of 18, 28 and 38, and horizontal impaction of 48.
•  Missing of 23, 31 and 41, obvious abnormal axis of 13.
•   Inconsistent bilateral condyle.

Treatment Objective

•  Improve overbite and overjet of anterior teeth.
•  Align the teeth and finely adjust occlusion.

Orthodontic treatment plan

•  Adopt extraction for correction. Extract 14.
•  Extract maxillary teeth to create a space and eliminate crowding, align the midline.
•  Adopt arch coordination and IPR to eliminate mandibular crowding.
•  Retention.

Comparison before and after correction

Before correction

After correction

Before correction

After correction

Deviation of midline

Basic situation

Product:Smartee Clear Aligner

Diagnosis:Angle Class II

Doctor:He Tongwen

Doctor's summary
1. Data integrity of the case is very important .
2. CBCT is of great importance to deciding specific position of the root and its relationship with the alveolar bone, and assists in preoperative diagnosis and process monitoring.
3. Vertical and torque control over anterior teeth is critical.
4. For teeth with abnormal axis, it is difficult to achieve root control movement, and good design and proper monitoring are required.
5. This case has slight overbite, and control over torque of upper anterior teeth is poor.
Orthodontic treatment steps and cycle

Maxilla:35+23 sets

Mandible:35+23 sets

Cycle:18 months