How much does Smartee invisible orthodontic treatment cost?

Orthodontics is an investment in beauty with high rate of return. It can not only improve oral health, but also contribute to bright smiles.    

How much does invisible orthodontic treatment cost?

  Price of invisible orthodontic treatment depends on the symptoms of teeth malocclusion and the treatment complexity. The orthodontist will estimate the cost after customizing the orthodontic treatment option based on the patient's dental condition. In addition, the price of invisible orthodontic treatment also varies with the orthodontist's technical level, different services and different regions. For specific treatment costs, please consult your doctor.

Why will you choose custom clear aligner? 

  Custom clear aligners are beautiful, comfortable, healthy and foreseeable. Moreover, we have independently developed the world's first patient interaction APP, chew, extractor and other tools, paying more attention to the patient experience. Besides, we constantly strive for perfection. Cephalometric software independently developed by us is convenient for doctors to use, making orthodontics more accurate.