Material Science System

Refined and Smart Materials Strive for Accurate Movement

Smartee has accumulated decades of experience in invisible orthodontics. Let each set of Smartee clear aligners better express the orthodontic force.

Through tens of thousands of experimental comparisons and targeted tests by Smartee Biomechanics Research Center (SRC) and the Material Science Department, and combined with thousands of real cases from Smartee Invisible Orthodontics Center, Smartee Drive makes breakthroughs in mechanical expression of materials in different clinical applications, and in combination of materials applied in different clinical needs.

Optimized expression of orthodontic force

Optimize compensation efficiency, strengthen orthodontic treatment, and improve actual expression of orthodontic force.

Combination of different diaphragms

The doctor can combine different diaphragms based on the treatment plan.

Improve Overall Force Application Structure Stability

Continuously and steadily apply force to precisely control teeth movement and effectively provide overall stability.

Mechanics and Treatment System

Smart Research Platform Explore Technology Frontier

SRC is composed of its expert teams in different fields domestic and overseas, providing Smartee with cutting-edge fundamental research results in medical design and clinical exploration. 

Based on mass forward-looking and applied research data, Smartee, together with domestic well-known orthodontic expert teams, has specifically developed an innovative and effective clinical solution system.

S1-S4 Smart attachments

S5 Solution to deep bite

S8 and S9 invisible occlusal reconstruction technique solution